Image Transfers

Image Transfer To CD Or DVD

Just as the name implies you may have your digital photos or 35mm slides placed to a data CD - DVD or optionally authored to DVD-R for set top playback.

This is most commonly named a Photo CD or DVD slideshow. We can scan photo's up to 8 x 11 in size at 1200 dpi. For 35mm we work with negatives film strip or mounted slides. There can be variations to a DVD slideshow such as altering the way the images are rendered on screen or where a new picture is displayed shortly after the prior picture after a determined amount of specified time. A variety of transition effects such as slide ins, blinds, zoom, crop, page peel, including video clips may be added along with music. A song may play for the duration of a few slides or the full show, the sky is the limit!

The Process

Once receiving your slides or photo's we clean the dust from them to obtain the cleanest reproduction then proceed with scanning. Each image is previewed prior to finalizing as no two images are alike in colour, contrast and brightness. For those slides which are faded or touchy to work with we can spend a little extra time with them to ensure that you get the best archival CD - DVD. Professional imaging software to clean up your images is used for prints. The image enhancing process entails removing speckles, sharpening and photo restoration such as removing lines or blemishes and enhancing colour where there are overcasts of yellow, blue, red or green. Upon completion of scanning your prints or slides they are placed to ISO DVD. Using this DVD format allows you the luxury of being able to view each image on a computer system and further manipulate them to suit your preference then author the final images to DVD-R for TV playback along with music if you choose.

DVD's which are authored mentioned above may contain music, be ordered in a sequence, have transitions added inlcuding a main menu. With advancements in scanning technology we are confident that you will be pleased with the finished digital images and take no short cuts when it comes to the final product. Providing a cost effective solution for professionally preserving photo's and slides along with your satisfaction is our primary objective. Digital images may be sent to us via disk, memory cards, or CD.