Film To DVD Transfers

Multimedia Solutions offers frame by frame 8mm & super 8 transfers along with realtime 16mm film to DVD transfers. Your films are not in any way damaged during the transfer process and can be colour corrected upon request for those films having blue, yellow or red colour casts. Any film stock be it 8mm, super 8, 16mm or 35mm will slowly deteriorate over time and the best policy for preserving your films is to ensure a cool and relatively dry environment for them.

An important point to consider when having your films converted is to be sure the process is digital as VHS being an older analogue format has less than half the resolution capabilities of MiniDV, Digital 8 or DVD and would not look as visually sharp in comparison to digital.

With your film to DVD transfer you may request music be added to your sequence along with special editing for a final DVD that suits your personal preference and have your memories preserved to DVD for years to come!

Types Of Film