DVD Creation

Custom DVD Creation

Custom DVD creation entails your personal preferences including photo's, menu's and music incorporated into the video sequence. The flexibility to have what you want and how you want it is what customization is all about.
DVD menu's, intro's and titles may be altered to suit your personal needs including video transition effects, audio and effects including text. The options are wide and many when it comes to editing which makes it a custom DVD. You may want to have a special event split up into multiple scenes and the scenes reordered or your scenes are already split up and you would like additional audio and photo's added to the sequence including fade in's and out's or other transition effects between the mutliple segments.
Video effects may also be applied such as contrast changes, colour changes, black and white, bevelled edges, PIPs amongst several other available effects.
If you provide us with a specific draft of your request on paper or via email we can create your video according to your guidlines.

Contact us with any editing questions you may have.