Video To DVD Conversions

Do you have your memories fading away on a shelf or in the garage? Analogue tapes be them VHS-C, VHS or 8mm have a much shorter lifespan than DVD due to their magnetic makeup though it doesn't end there. Believe it or not the picture quality of the tape degrades with each viewing. With common problems such as stretching and tape creases it's only practical to transfer your material to DVD and preserve them for years to come.

Our VHS to DVD conversion service is offered in two options, our standard and advanced transfer. The standard entails a light noise reduction whereas our advanced package includes more noise reduction as well as sharpening resulting in a much cleaner and crisper end result.

Some of the media tape formats we convert are:



DVD has become the defacto standard for today's home entertainment systems. The advent of such a format has given several advantages that analogue tapes could not. The first and most important advantage of DVD at a glance is it's longevity charecteristics unlike tapes which deteriorate over time. Secondly is flexibilty and customization in how you may place the data on the medium.

With DVD we may move directly to a section on the disc amongst other variables which are generally not supported by analogue tapes. Thirdly we have on DVD the ability to hold higher resolution video and a variety of different audio formats such as PCM, MPEG 1 Layer II, Dolby Digital. Consider your video memories today and ask about our VHS to DVD conversion service.

The Final Product

Multimedia Solutions prides itself in the final product. With all the steps in the process of capturing, editing, noise removal, sharpening and more, the end result is always pleasing to us and we consider each customer as ourselves. With personal menu's, chapter points and the option of background music including a variety of audio formats your offered the versatility to choose what you want and how you want it!

For our VHS to DVD conversion services or bulk transfer rates you may contact us.